Why my pay has not arrived? today is 8 of november

Today is 8 of november and my pay has not arrived to Uphold!

It will if you have Collected 100 Bat Tokens then

We can wait for more hours @ricardonothing. The pay out should be sent before/on/after 8th. :slightly_smiling_face:

@RadianArgha actually, it’ll be paid out if the balance is ~10 USD in minimum.

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I have the same problem here and I know i have more than 100 token because a few friend of my downloaded brave on my ask + i installes brave on the computers at home

I am still waiting For my Payment, Its Showing now dec 8 but no Deposit made for Nov 8

its same here , patience it can take another few hours we are all waiting

Normally there is a deposit on the 8th, but not this time - and i have a pending payment of over 300 BAT tokens

cc @Asad in case there’s some known issue.

I want to clear this whole thing because i just joined the community and using brave as publisher and as avarage user. So when i get tips on my site the tip is going on an escrow wallet till 8th of the given month and at 8th they send the tokens on the Brave Payment account i have. Than (because its my first time) when i have 100$ amount of tip Brave will search me for another round of verification that the site and the Payment account is mine after that they send the rewards in the given currency to my verified uphold account?
sorry to spam here but i dont know where couls i get tgis straight.

I am still waiting For my Payment, Its Showing now dec 8 but no Deposit made for Nov 8 please help us @Asad

Same here. Members of my sect said they’ve been sending my website tips the past 2 weeks but pending payouts says 0.0 and next deposit date shifted to December 8.

Same her I am Facing The Same Problem

We are experiencing a glitch in the payouts system that has resulted in a small selection of publishers having delayed payouts. We have to manually payout the publishers who got left behind. You’ll all get paid out hopefully by the end of next week (you won’t have to wait until the next payout date listed on the dash, just give us some time to process everything)!


Asad @ Brave


Thank you Asad@Brave

Ok Thank you very much

Has anyone gotten paid yet who had this problem? I’m still at 0.00

Received the same message. Can’t tell how excited I am to get paid.

Again you are likely part of the batch of publishers who got their payouts delayed :frowning: Sorry for the inconvenience. Rest assured you will get your BAT in due time. :slight_smile:

Hi guys, has anyone received the payment? I didn’t get anything yet and now in Brave Rewards my balance is “unavailable”:


are you getting the same message?

A few days ago I got about a third of what it said.

And the balance after that showed as pending

And now indeed it says unavailable - as you mentioned.

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