When exactly Brave deposits the BAT to Uphold?

Hi all,
I would like you to help me solve the following question, I have been with Brave for more than a month, I currently have 36 BAT in Brave Rewards, 1 confirmed referral, my uphold account is connected and verified, but I have not received any payment to Uphold yet, and it does not tell me when Brave is going to deposit me as I have seen others say. Could it be that something is happening in my Brave Reward account?

Here is a capture of my brave account window:


Note that in the image you shared, it does say “Payout in progress” – this means that we are currently going through the creator payout process for all creators. This may take a bit of time, please be patient – as long as you’re not flagged for fraudulent activity you will receive your payout soon.Thank you.


@ Mattches Hi, thank you for reply. however, it says “Payout in progress” from the beginning,
i mean, more or less since I created the brave reward account.:thinking:

When was your account created?

@Mattches i installed Brave at 5/30/2019. Just before June. And my Account i am sure were the first days of june, i dont remember exactly when i registered my creator account.

I would wait at least until the EOD before considering this an issue. Payouts can sometimes take a good amount of time given the large volume of Creators.

@Mattches alright, i understand. Can i get some info about what EOD is? please

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EoD = End of day.

@Mattches alright, thank you. I will be attentive to any news about it.

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it says payment will arrive on august 8

hi ive been waiting since june 8th for my payout now it says august 8 after being in payout in progress ive been verified with uphold since april why have i not received a payout i dont get it doesnt make sense to me at all


register with uphold

@Mattches ok, I received a payment, but only part of it, I expected to be deposited with Uphold everything I did in the month.

Why did I receive only one part (9.50 BAT of 36.08 BAT that I had)?


I believe #2 in the thread linked above is the cause.

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good day like the friend in question fortunate I feel that 1 person has confirmed the use of this excellent browser but since yesterday said payment in process but not yet the same and now deice the next payment date and are still reflected my 14.96bat waiting for a satisfactory answer very grateful!

@Mattches question. In order to redeem my tokens from the browser, do I need to tip myself through brave creators?

Can you be more specific? Are you a Creator asking how/when you will get your BAT payout? Or are you asking about how to cash out tokens as a user?

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