Brave - uphold still pending


Pending pay outs for over 2 months now…
It was first planned for 8th Augustus and now planned for 8th September but Uphold account still to zero , also pending balance.

Verified account on Uphold. Verified sites but still no Payouts

Is there any issue ?

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Hi there, when were you verified? If you verified past the 1st of August, you won’t get paid out until September…

Also, make sure you are actually earning BAT.

There are a number of ways you can currently earn BAT.

  1. Our Ads program. You can activate this in the Rewards settings panel. You will be paid in BAT for any successful ad views.

  2. Our referral program at allows you to earn around $5 USD for each referred user.

  3. Content creators can sign up at and solicit tips and donations from other Brave users.


Thanks for your feedback.

Hi have added refered site and verified on 1st July.

Linked and verified uphold account on the same day.

So everything linked and verified.

I can see on my uphold walled my refered sites.

I can aslo log into uphold directly from brave reward (icon next to my refered site)

During the month of July I made a transfer to my uphold wallet and it was mentioned payout pending. Next pay date 8th Augustus but I dont get anything.

Now it s mentioned the same message but pay date is 8th septembre.

Is it normal it takes so long and i didn t get the july payout on 8th Augustus?

I can wait but i want to ensure the process is working

Thanks for your support

Best Regards


Hi there, you should get paid out in September – if not, please send me a PM. :slight_smile:


I will check in September.

Thanks for your support

Best Regards