PC was formatted and Brave re-installed

Hello, I have taken my computer to get repaired and it was formatted. I have installed BRAVE again now, but I don’t know how to open my ‘previous Brave account’ if that is possible?
Importing my Uphold wallet is the same as opening my previous account with Brave and recovering my historical activity?
How do I have to proceed when reinstalling Brave?
Thank you!!

First of all please clarify what you mean by ‘my previous Brave account’

Do you ask how to connect Uphlold to Brave rewards ?

Hi, Thanks for your reply.
I mean how to keep obtaining rewards, considering I have been using Brave for a while, do I need to ‘Import my Uphold wallet’ and that’s it?

Yes, connect to Uphold. If you don’t, you just can’t earn according to new changes to brave rewards

Thank you for your answer and for this update!! All the best

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I tried to connect to Uphold and received the following warning:

Error: Uphold account with limited functionality
According to Uphold, your Uphold account has some limitations at this time. Log in to Uphold and check to see if you have any outstanding notices or account requirements. Then try again. For example, Uphold may need more information from you.

I logged in to Uphold but apparently there is nothing incomplete there… :frowning:

You may want to check out PSA: Current FAQ - #17 by Saoiray

Thank youu for the info!!

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