Backup and restore brave rewards and connect with uphold

I keep messing with my Ubuntu, because of which I sometimes have to reinstall the whole operating system. I have brave rewards connected with a verified uphold account. I found

If you'd like to secure all of your funds in the case of clean installing the browser or switching to a new device, and have other benefits such as adding, withdrawing, and transferring funds, we recommend connecting to a verified Uphold wallet

in Rewards → Settings → Backup

What I understand from this is that if I connect with a verified uphold wallet then my left BAT’s will be sent to my wallet even if I don’t have that brave browser installed,
And if I reinstalled brave then a new brave rewards account will be created and I have to connect it with uphold

If I am correct till now then the problem is that according to

I can connect my verified uphold to max 4 brave rewards account. Which means after reinstalling brave 4 times I can’t connect to my uphold wallet

Is there any solution to my problem?

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