Connecting Brave on new laptop to existing Uphold account

My Brave Rewards is connected to an Uphold account on my old laptop. I’m now setting up a new laptop and installed the Brave browser, but struggling to figure out how I can reconnect to my existing Uphold account.

Windows 10, Brave 1.61.116

I’m in the US.

What’s the issue? Should just be a matter of hitting Connect and then signing in. Would be nice to know what you’re trying and what issue(s) you’re experiencing in particular. Also if you’re getting any error messages?

Connect where? Under the Wallet menu I see “Connect hardware wallet”, but I don’t have a hardware wallet. I haven’t found anything referencing Uphold. If you can direct me exactly to where I need to go, I can login with my Uphold credentials.

@PongGod under Rewards, where else? I thought you said you had connected on another device before. If so, did you never look at Rewards to see what you were earning, how many ads you saw, etc?

Either click on the Rewards triangle thing in your browser or go to brave://rewards

Sounds like you were looking in Brave Wallet, which is something different

OK, I found it now. It’s been quite awhile since I configured that on my old laptop. Thanks for the help, but I didn’t need all the extra condescension.

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