Pc-phone synchronization subtracted BATs

Hello there people. I’ve synchronized my pc and phone scanning the qr code with my phone. Before doing that, i had around 0.8 Bats (corresponding to April, to be credited on May 5) on my PC, and 0.3 on my phone.
After the sync, both had 0.3. I’ve desynchronize’em out of frustration…I wonder if it has a solution.
Anyway I tell you what happened in the hope of helping someone who might be thinking of doing the same. I guess it is enough to synchronize them when both counters are at zero.
Best wishes for all of you.


You did the security copy phrase thing right? Man, that was when you’re starting to use a new device and leaving the other, and that were like 80 ads right?, dude, that’s sad, so sorry bro.

The place your money will sychro will be in Uphold once the both devices are linked.

Also, Don’t really know if that can be restored, but don’t assure you.

Take care man.

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