PayPal pop ups solution


I noticed ordering a pizza in dominos.
The browser couldn’t open up PayPal.
Something in my settings where preventing it?

As a browser user.
Please let me know with a pop up what I need to switch off or on. Better still have the switch up in the pop up.
And then have it work.

Or fix the issue so PayPal will work regardless of setting ideally.

I need to be taught how what does what. A lot of settings to learn. If I can learn in the process of encountering a paypal block. Even better.

Hope this helps, can’t wait for greaselion! Hope you are all ok from the California fires

You likely need to allow cookies for the site you’re ordering from. In the Domino’s example, try going to the site, then opening your Shields panel (lion icon in the address bar) and setting the cookie option to All cookies allowed.

Let the page refresh, then try submitting your order again.

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