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I am a Brave Creator in Japan.

In this January, I received the following email (click the below dropbox link) from Brave Rewards team. They requested me to register my PayPal account instead of TrustWallet for my payout. This is because of the regulation in Japan. I fully understand about this point.

But, the problem is I cannot register my PayPal account from my Brave Creator account page at all. No link or information related to PayPal account registration shows up on your web site.

I sent email to Brave Reward team to solve this problem. But, no answer for 6 months…

Then, yesterday, I received this another email (please check the below dropbox link )from Brave Rewards.

It’s about Trust Wallet KYC and verification issue. They asked me to verify my wallet account on your website. But, since no wallet verification is allowed for me to do at this moment. So, I cannot take any action now. (please check the below dropbox link. this is my account page capture)

Please solve this problem as soon as possible. Especially I do not want to lose any BAT tokens which I earned my publisher activity with Brave Browser such as my Blog, Twitter, and Youtube.

I truly hope you guys can solve this issue ASAP.



Can you change your browser language to Japanese?

@mrmasa If you change your browser language to Japanese, the option to link your PayPal account will appear. HOWEVER, NO PAYMENT WILL ARRIVE.
@eljuno I have been posting a few times and to be honest, although I get that it’s not easy to manage a system like Brave, I am getting really annoyed. My PayPal account is set up correctly, I have two bank accounts linked and verified and still haven’t got any payment EVER. Nothing, zero, zilch. I have been waiting for almost 5 months now. Since I have many referral payments, it’s an amount of money I would like to have. I am still getting rewards for my YouTube Channel and Reddit profile, but the money is just sitting there. Every time I post, I get an answer like “sit tight”, “we will handle it asap” and so on. I have been sitting long enough. I would really love to get this PayPal issue resolved. Also, why do I have to change the browser to Japanese, if I want to see the PayPal option? Japanese is not a problem, but usually people don’t change their interface’s language.

I really would like to have this problem solved. Are there even any people in Japan who actually got payed? Because I have to say, I begin to doubt it.

@Bahanarotu I believe @steeven can help with your issue. Re: payout not received.

But the first question I can ask is “When you connect your PayPal account?”

Hello @eljuno Greetings
I’m a new publisher from Japan, to change the language so that payment options can appear?

My incident is the same as no uphold option, initially appeared, after verifying the uphold menu disappears, but my brave rewads and channels have been detected in the uphold account,
can I receive payment if it has been detected?

Thanks! I made it!


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Hello there! My problem remains the same. I did connect my PayPal account to my Brave Creators account and I have direct debit set up (I have had it for a long time, even before I started to use Brave.) See pictures from my PayPal account and Brave Creator´s account.
I still couldn´t get any money for the past 5 months or so. In fact, I couldn´t get any money at all. I have an uphold registration as well, but it´s not going to work due legal reasons in Japan.
I would really appreciate, if you would help me with this issue.
(I can see the PayPal option, if I set the browser to Japanese, that´s ok.)
Thanks and have a nice one.

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