Can't login and get JPY from Paypal

I am Japanese user and I have 17 BAT points on my wallet.
Just like other Japanese user, I was getting error message about “Link a bank account to PayPal account,” but last month, it looked like solved with these recognize:’ve-linked-to-my-paypal-account-faq1565

But today, I found I couldn’t login because I didn’t receive mail, and I didn’t get JPY from PayPal.
Should I have to?


I could login into my dashboard. Thank you so much.

But my dashboard has these message:

The payout report is currently generating. Please check back later.

I got PayPal’s recognition on last month, so I think I will get JPY on March 8th. Should I have to wait until April?

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I am also from Japan and I have been waiting for 8 months still with no payments coming to my Paypal. Even though I have verified the bank on request, the Brave console still reports the error. Why is this happening in Japan and no one is getting paid.

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Dear @steeven ,

Would you mind if I send DM to you about payment?

@steeven , Japanese account does not receive payment via paypal, we have the same problem, please pay directly to your wallet address, please do not waste time

They are deceiving everyone in Japan. They do not answer or help us with payment.

@Aa-ron @steeven Please indicate a payment method so that we can receive the money. It’s your fault, not ours. Fix it and pay me

I understand what you want to say, but a bit too hard on me.

As someone who is from America that is planning to move to Japan, this is troubling to read. I have invested quite a bit already on this token because i really like the future plans of this project, and to read about all these payment issues that people are having overseas especially people in Japan, needless to say, is demoralizing. I hope this issue gets resolve soon because it is not a good look in the end.

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Please settle it for me @steeven @Aa-ron

Finally I have gotten JPY from PayPal.
I’m grateful to Brave staffs, and I’m looking forward to their support from now on.

If you get these message, 「PayPalアカウントはまだ認証されていません。銀行口座を登録した後にもう一度お試しください」, please check PayPal support page.
I’ve linked debit card and bank account 「口座振替設定が可能な銀行」 to my PayPal account.

I’m praying for your success.

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@Aa-ron @steeven I already know how to successfully verify my Paypal wallet and I completed it last month. I am waiting for your payment to my Paypal wallet. Thank you

Japan user here. Also waiting for the final BAP payout. PayPal is already linked to my bank. Please hurry so I can plow the money back into BAT.

Hello. Have you received any payments in the previous months?

We (Japanese users) should tell to JP support team, shouldn’t we?

日本のクリエイターの方でBAP残高が残っている方は 、2021年4月30日までにPayPalアカウントを接続していただき、2021年5月8日に支払いを受けてください。BAPはBATとの交換ができず、この期間に支払われなかったBAP残高はクリエイター向け管理画面では表示されなくなります。確実に5月8日にBAP残高の支払いを受けるためには、PayPalアカウントの連携を行う必要があります。ご不明点がある場合、 サポート(日本)にお問い合わせください

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No. I was awarded BAP in mid February. Still haven’t received anything either on March 8th or Apr 8th. How about you?

I still do not understand this issue. They offer a way to get bonuses that BitFlyer is great.

I just finished verifying Paypal last month. I hope to get my money on this payment.

Has anyone received the payment this month?