Brave Rewards and linked PayPal (Japan)

Hey, I have a simple question with a potentially not simple solution.

Using the Brave Rewards, i have a chunk of BAT (from friends downloading and trying the browser) but i cannot seem to access the BAT. I know there was a special think with Japanese law that made it to where those in Japan can only get paid out through PayPal or something.

Well i connected my PayPal and thought all was well, but each month i never get “paid out” and this has happened in Feb. and Mar. and now it is pushed to April.

Ideally, A do not even need it to be pushed to my PayPal, just my browser BAT wallet would be fine. Is there something extra i am missing or doing wrong?
Thank you for any help you can provide!

Sorry to bump this thread, but I would really like this issue fixed or at least to understand the situation. Is this on the wrong forum? should I re-ask in Japanese?

Apologies for really late response @Supersonic.

cc @asad @steeven @Mattches for assistance here

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I think I’m a bit confused – can you share a screenshot of your Brave Rewards panel as you see it on your end?


Sure thing! i am sending 4 pictures:
①&② are my dashboard in English. (it defaults to this because of my settings I presume)
③ Is my dashboard in Japanese (done by changing local from en to ja). i have to do this because this is the only way i can get the Paypal account link option (Due to Japanese law, the way the bat is converted and shared is different so i am forced to use paypal. i can send the actual email describing that later if it helps… as i dont fully understand myself)
④ the Japanese dashboard google translated

Note that payout is on the 8th of every month so you should receive payment today by the end of the day. If you don’t again, please let me know and we can dig further into the issue.

It has been like this since before Feb. 8th. I let it run 2 months because i wasent sure how it was set up, or if i just barely missed a payment. but now even this month it is saying “next deposit is May 8th”

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I have the same situation as @Supersonic. I couldn’t receive a payment…
@asad @steeven @Mattches , Please tell me how to receive a payment.

@Supersonic Same is here with me. I set up everything correctly, there are two verified bank accounts linked to my PayPal. Still nothing. I didn´t recieve anything by April 8th and truly hope that something will finally happen on May 8th.
@eljuno What do you think?

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@Asad would you mind taking a look when you have a sec?

@awang could you take a look when you get the chance? Anything to keep an eye out for when it comes to PayPal payments?

@cory @awang Help us!! I want to get my money!

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Hi all, the team is currently busy fixing some issues with the Brave Ads payouts – bear with us, I’ve let them know to dig into any potential PayPal issues.

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Thank you so much for your helping @Asad

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