Frozen Payments in Japan

Hello there,

I am located in Japan and I registered my creator account a while back. That time I needed an Uphold account for payouts, which is still connected. Later, we needed a PayPal account for direct payouts, which I connected as well, but it didn´t work out, although I am a verified member and receive regularly funds from various locations.
I have around 335 BAT and there is no possibility for me to send that money anywhere. It is quite frustrating I must say. That BAT has been sitting there for a year now and I just cannot find a way to get to it. What can I do?

Hi @Bahanarotu,

I just checked previous thread that you post before. Is this your email address that you registered on Creator dashboard?

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Hi @atsushisa
Thanks so much for replying! Yes, that address is the one.

Hello @Bahanarotu,

I’ll ask PIC, then I’ll reply on this thread. Thank you.

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I’m sorry that I didn’t update for a while.
We’ve been considering how to handle, give us more time, please.

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@atsushisa No problem, I can imagine it’s not easy. Take your time.

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