Payout report doesn't work

I’m using Brave since march 2020 and on my Brave Creators page, i have a certain amount of Bat.
I don’t understand what those are… Can you explain this to me or direct me to a link that will tell me more about it ? Is it the total of all the Bat I earned ?
On top of that, there is a message that has been here for 2 months now : « the payout report is currently generating. Please check back later ».


Hi @Bigmadara - this months payout report is currently generating. Please DM the email linked to your account. Thanks!

Sir I am having the same issue… please help me through this

@Bigmadara @Tanveer1

If you linked creators account with YouTube/Twitter/GitHub, then people who follow you or people who find your works interesting in the respective platforms may donate bat to the respective social networking sites.

Every month of 8th, payouts for the bat you have in publisher account will be credited to linked uphold account.

Regarding this process you are able to see a message Payments were processing xxxxxxxxxxx

Hope you understood the flow of creators account.

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