Payout never received


I’m currently having trouble receiving my BAT on Gemini.

I had it in my account for a long time but never paid attention to it.

I verified my Gemini account on Jan 4, 2022, and connected it to brave rewards around the same day and still haven’t received anything.

My account is still connected to brave rewards.

I’ve tried re-linking it a couple of times but no luck.

Something that I’ve seen is when I tried to change the deposit currency I get the following error:
“An unexpected error has occurred. Please try again later.”

Here’s a screenshot of the error:

And also here’s a screenshot of my homepage:

never paid anymore … your channel dont have bat token …haha go research about creator bru

I do have some BAT in my balance tho

Your best bet will be to DM @steeven on this, making sure to tell him what the email associated with your Creators account is. He’ll be able to look into everything and help you find a solution.

it is clear that the original channel that haven’t bat token already remove … i think that is suspended creator with 2fa set up… thats why he can’t find the original channel of his creator

that bat token is not came from your youtube … you did not see the zero balance in your channel?

Yeah, I need to learn more on Creators. I am seeing the 31.46 on the top left. Not sure if that’s Gemini balance or BAT balance within their Creators that has not yet moved.

I’m seeing that the current period which would be for this month, it is 0 balance. But then looking at Account Services, it doesn’t show any deposit history.

That is the creator’s balance.
My Gemini account is completely empty.
I don’t use Gemini I just verified it for this purpose.

Also random Note:
I acquired the BAT back when referral links were a thing.

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never expect to get paid anymore … think deeply about creator to know why it is not getting paid anymore …

costudial wallet connected to your creator is not the reason why you’re not getting paid … it’s all about the channel… wallet is to receive the money only

when you’re speaking about referral rewards it the same results still not paid … if you don’t asking i have 14k bat token from referral rewards and i never expected to get paid…

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