Still no BAT payout

It’s been 11 days so far and still no payout, there’s a lot of people asking the same question. My tokens are just sitting on my Brave creators account, waiting to be transferred to my Gemini account. A couple of days ago @steeven send me a message to DM him my email, which I did, but no response. What is the likely hood of me getting payed? Sometimes it feels too good to be true. Anyone out there going through the same? From what i’ve read so far, there are people waiting a year for their payments. Empty promises perhaps?


I understand a lot what you say, the same thing happens to me but unfortunately we only have to wait and have faith that we will soon see a post where it says that a new payment will be made for the many users who did not receive their contributions

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i have some problem :smile:

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Hi all - if you haven’t received your BAT earned through contributions this month and haven’t already sent me the email linked to your account, please do. Thanks in advance!