Breav creator account

Not receive my reward in breav creator please pay my reward


I’m facing the same problem

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yes …last month to early paid… But now very delayed

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If u will get reward then let us know

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The Creators payment will being to process on Monday the 16th. Please see this post for updates - May Creators Payment.

May 2022 Brave Creators Payout Status for Uphold and Gemini wallets:
:yellow_circle: Payouts Pending - Payments will begin to process on Monday the 16th.

This thread is intended for updates regarding the May Creators payout. Payouts has started processing and will continue for the next several days.

Oh yes, thank you for telling us.
It’s like throwing a dog a bone.
You’re having payment problems again. Or have you just not figured out how to cheat users yet?

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They’re waiting until BAT hits 10cents lol.

Today date of 16th but not receive my reward.
My bat token is payout in progress about 1 month.
Please fast process and pay my reward

Now it’s 17th may and we didn’t got our payout yet when we will receive it :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

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my response is also same, nothing different.

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It’s showing payout complete but I didn’t received my payment :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

It’s showing payout complete but I didn’t received in my uphold :sob::sob: please help us

Did u got the payout ?

Hahahaha, again no payment. for the 2nd month. How annoying!

Nothing here either.

Look at this it’s showing completed


No payment for me, either.

EDIT: Now it says payments are processing. Am I hallucinating? It did say complete just a few minutes ago, didn’t it? May Creators Payment

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