Payout in progres

How long the distribution bat form brave publisher to uphold account?
For this month 8 june 2019

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I am also waiting for payout. Status showing " payout in progress" . This was showing fron May 7 th . But when I didn’t receive payment. This was showing payout date 8 th June. Now, this is still showing " payout still progress". So, when I will receive money.

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@Hanfar220 @mjubayer publishers payout is happens around 8th, every month, US time zone.

Thanks for your patience


Thanks for your answer sir
I’ll waiting for that

So when I realized that

Uphold was using kYC and dont allow users with IP address from the united states to transfer… So here’s a good VPN link cyberghpstVPN

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The whole payout system seems very not well thought out.

Does any one know when

  1. brave wallets can be merged/consolidated? As I understand each device - actually each install - creates a new brave wallet.

And 2) I’ve been verified with Uphold and linked and yet not BAT has arrived after months.

How can I confirm everything is setup correctly? There should be a very clear guide on this.

A mi tampoco me han pagado y contaba mucho con el dinero estoy molesto

Yes. Wallet sync is in the plan

When did you link your Uphold wallet to your publisher account?

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Yo verifique la mia hace poco está eso mal?

More than 2 months ago

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