About of payments for creators

Hi guys, I have publisher account. I connected to verified Uphold wallet. Me publisher account balance is 9 BAT. Not visibled in my uphold account. Have specific day for paid?

Hey thereā€¦

I believe creators payout begins at the 8th. of each month, if by the 13th. u havent recieved ur payout and statuspage states payout complete: u might have an issue.

There are some of us who are having issues, not getting payout.

This is actively being worked upon by support team though.

"Dear Creators,

The Brave Rewards team is currently investigating an issue that prevented a small group of Creators from receiving their BAT payments for March 2021.

We appreciate your patience as we actively investigate the cause of this issue. Updates will be posted in this thread. In the meantime please refrain from opening a new thread regarding this issue, as we currently have all of the necessary information needed in order to review the root cause.

Thank you,

The Brave Rewards team"

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