Payments reaching non-existent Uphold Wallet

Hi guys,

So I have created a Uphold wallet in the past, I connected it to Brave, then I completly deleted the wallet (due to personal reasons), disconnected from Brave and apparently I’m losing BAT because the rewards still trying to reach my non-existent wallet. Last time I wrote about this (on Reddit) they said it would be fixed. Now I lost again BAT, for the 4th month in a row. They said that in v1.27 I can deactivate the non-existent wallet from the Rewards ( exactly: " and then go into Brave Rewards > click where it says “Disconnected” > click “Disconnect from Brave Rewards”.") but it didn’t happen.

I had a conversation with a moderator about this and he said that with v1.27 this will be fixed. It ain’t fixed. He said that he would ask the team to disconnect my non-existent Uphold account completly but I guess it didn’t happen. I tried to reach him twice (on Reddit) but he didn’t answer.

I mention that I don’t use a VPN, browser is at the latest version.

How can I fix this problem? (Sorry for bad english).

@cm144 - can you share a link to your previous posts so I can track this down? Thank you.

What posts are you reffering to? The ones from Reddit? If yes, would you like me to DM you screeenshots from the conversations I had?

That would be great! Thank you!

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