Payment not recieved yet in uphold account

I did not recieved yet my december bat yet in my uphold account , as u can see in screenshot i just recieved my november bat at 9 december , i have updated brave browser version but i did not recieve my bat yet kindly pls fix this issue as soon as possible!

Not an issue. January 2021 Publishers Payout Thread for payment status.

But now 9 jan…

@lixbon just replied to other thread. :point_down: Pay out for publishe is it delay?

So , when will i recieve my december month bat on my uphold account

@steeven @anon83185095 i did not recieve my bat on my uphold yet as the payment process is complete for all user from your side through thread wand i have fullfilled all the condition for getting payment but then also i did not recieve my payment , i dont know what’s going on their ! Please brave developer please initiate my payment as soon as you see my problem this time :pensive: i m very disappionted from you

the truth is that brave no bat

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