Payment not receive last two months

I am not receive payment last month please help


Me too, I have the Uphold account verified in Brave Browser and Brave Nightly but I’m stil not receiving the payments.

Me too , last month i received my bat but the amount wasn’t the expected amount . This month i’m still waiting for the payment.

It’s happening to a lot of people, I hope all of these issues are resolved because the way things stand at the minute I don’t really want to be inviting new people to a broken product. I mean they can’t even look after the user they have at the minute.

Me too! I’m having the same issue as well.

hi could you solve? my bat disappeared from the browser and I have the verified account of brave and uphold never got to the brave card in uphold those bat

Mee too I know that someone give me github rewards but they doesn’t appear on my uphold verified account. And the same with my browser. My uphold account is 0.00 but the browser says that I have 5,75 on my pocket… Buggy buggy

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