Passwords importation

Hi, everyone,

I’ve been using Brave for years for its good features, which, made me braver than I should, I forgot yo sync my passwords and my PC is currently dying, I tried to to sync but nthg happened, I downloaded an exportation file, transferred it to my phone to import it to Brave android app, but it didn’t work and I can’t find the “import password” tool only “export”, even though I tried to add it from the flags category, any help?

Brave Version v1.47.186:

Windows 10:

Correct, Android does not have an Import function. This is something that they are working on, but also said it’s not going to be easy.

I’m guessing you didn’t get the settings right. You might want to check out my three parts about Sync over at my FAQ portions linked below:

And of course, the big thing I try to make sure everyone remembers:

If you go through the guides there on my FAQ linked above and still have issues, do try to give more details here and we can try to help guide you a bit better on figuring out what your issue might be.

I’m assuming you didn’t mark the items you want synced on both devices. For example, if Android says sync passwords but you didn’t select it as an option on your desktop, then they won’t sync.

Secondary issue people often do is just creating sync chain on different devices and not actually linking them. Obviously one device has to be added to the other and they won’t sync if operating on different sync chains.

But again, if you have issues, share where you’re at and having the difficulties. If you can share screenshots, it might help as well. Just keep in mind that if share a screenshot, DO NOT have your sync code or QR code in the screenshot.