Import-Export issues from Chrome Based Browsers: Please Give us an UPDATE!

I am trying to export my passwords from Vivaldi to the PC and Android Versions of Brave. I have enabled password import/export but importing a CSV is ineffectual.
There are many other posts regarding exporting passwords from Vivaldi and other Chrome-based browsers but most of them are closed after sixty days without an answer and answers which are provided don’t work.
Look, talented Brave Team – I love the browser. But Brave is no longer a new product and you will never get anything like a decent market share without answering questions about basic functionality – even if those answers are “you can’t do that yet in brave.”
As others have said, perhaps the only area where Vivaldi has you beat is support, for which they get 10 out of 10. Whereas you ask a question in Brave Community, here’s what happens:

  • get no answer, or
  • people tell you to check the nightly build areas or git hub, or
  • a partial answer is provided and it is one that presumes a higher degree of technical proficiency than that the average tech consumer (even the average tech-savvy consumer) possesses.
    This last problem isn’t unique to Brave – it’s endemic in tech. What seems intuitive to developers and coders is anything but, to civilians. My hunch is because everybody is so busy hustling to survive we end up ghettoized in our area of expertise, communicating mostly with colleagues who don’t require explicit instructions.
    Anyhow, an update, please.
    Does import passwords, etc. work or does it not?
    And if Brave Community is not the official place where questions will receive answers, perhaps you could designate an official support place and name it accordingly?
    Thank you for your help!


I’m not sure if you mean it didn’t work, or it’s not good enough. I was able to take the following steps to export my Vivaldi passwords and import them into Brave:

  1. In Vivaldi, go to chrome://settings/passwords
  2. Click the “more options” icon on the right side of Saved passwords, then Export passwords (as .csv).
  3. Launch Brave, go to brave://settings/passwords, click “more options” icon on right of Saved passwords then Import.
  4. All Vivaldi passwords are now imported into Brave browser.

Can you tell me what happens when you try to import this way? Additionally, can you tell me what OS and Brave version you are using?

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I’m also unable to export saved passwords form Vivaldi to Brave. When searching for solutions I get what you advised or to click on the 3 dots to the right of Saved Passwords. However neither of those options exists. I’m using Vivaldi 3.5.2115.81 on macOS Version 10.15.7.
As a workaround I tried to import the passwords into Firefox and Chrome, but that doesn’t work either. I’m fed up with Vivaldi and would like to use Brave as my default browser, but I have a great many saved passwords that I must be able to export.

In Vivaldi, type vivaldi://settings/passwords and on the right-hand side of where it says Saved passwords, click the “more options” (three dots) icon, then Export Passwords. Save your passwords somewhere easy to remember/accessible.

Then open Brave, go to brave://settings/passwords, click on the “more options” icon, then Import passwords.

As I wrote, “more options” (3 dots) doesn’t appear.

Are you saying it doesn’t appear in Brave or in Vivaldi?

The problem is with Vivaldi. When I do vivaldi://flags/#password-import-export there’s a flag for “Password import” which I’ve enabled, but no flag for Password export.

Apologies – the flag you’re looking for will simply be called #PasswordImport in Vivaldi. Enable it, then revisit chrome://settings/passwords and you should see the Import option appear after clicking the 3 dots (“more options”) menu.

Apparently you don’t carefully read what I’ve written. I have enabled Password import and 3 dots do not appear beside Passwords (Saved Passwords isn’t the heading that appears) as made clear in my posts . All you’ve done is advise me to do things that I’ve stated I have already done or attempted to do. If you aren’t able to offer any useful help, just be honest about it. I can understand the OP’s frustration with Brave Browser support.

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