Partial rewarda received for January, second browser payment lost (?)

I received only part of my BAT earnings for January.
I have an uphold wallet verified on two mobile browsers and i only received payment for one of them.
I did receive the payment for december, so this is a new issue.

Here’s the screenshot of the missing payment.
Is the payment stuck? When i re-checked it on the phone today i doesn’t even mention this payment being underway…
Furthermore, there are quite a lot of synch issues on the second phone: it doesn’t show thr uphold wallet as verified, or the BAT balance on it. I have to manually enter the rewarda program for it to show up properly

Bith browsers are up to date, uphold is working fine, last month went through.

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Any help? Or should this be requested through a different channel?

Send @steeven a DM. Have you received your current Feb. 7 payment yet?

i did not received my payment of jan 2022 in feb 2022 yet did u guys get ???

I did receive payment from one of my mobile browsers, yes. On the 8th. Second got lost.

Thsnks for your advise, i’ll compile all the needed data and sent it in a dm to him.

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