How to? External link clicks default to incognito tab?

How can I have link clicks (i.e. in mail or other websites) go to incognito tab by default?
Even after using a terminal command (as suggested in another thread) I still have non-private tabs (and I hate to delete cookies all the time). I’d love to have any link clicks go to incognito by default.

Doesn’t answer your question, but might help.

  1. You can configure to delete cookies on exit for regular windows. I do this.

  2. You can set up an explicit desktop short cut to open in incognito. Any links in websites will then also open in incognito.

  3. You can open a link in incognito from the right click menu.

This leaves the case of a link in some other program (not a browser) that will open in a browser. For example email in an email client.

So remaining question for the experts – Is there some way to make “incognito” the default browser?

I don’t think there is any way to do this at this time. You might try looking for an extension that does it? But I don’t see anything at first glance.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

Agreed with all the above; I wonder though if there’s some way to force link clicks to launch a wrapper, or CLI switches, or similar, using certain CLI args to launch a browser instance in Private (or even Tor) mode? May be partially OS-dependent.

I feel like there might be some magic combination of that and/or the automated Clear data as @Passenger mentioned; as well as possibly setting up a ‘throwaway’ profile to handle these clicks.

Sorry for being vague, just thinking out loud.

(Also speaking of that CLI flags support page; @Mattches , if I’m not mistaken, current releases support launching with Tor via CLI? The Brave page above might need an update if so.)

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