Opening copied link takes at least 5 touches

  1. copy url from elsewhere
  2. attempt to open said url in Brave

It takes at least 5 touches ( if ios’ janky select all/delete doesn’t make it worse ) to open the url in brave.

Suggestion: try to open the link in Chrome and see their flow. 2 touches.

Another major problem for brave ios is copying a url. It’s very painful to copy or share URLs. so frustrating

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Strange - I use two taps to paste URL (Android 10):

  • tap into URL bar
  • tap on “link you copied” text row

Same for copying URL out (two taps)

  • tap on URL bar
  • tap on Copy icon

On the iPad, you first have to tap on the “…” And then on “Share with” and only then can you copy the URL by tapping “Copy”.

Okay, three taps on an iPad- seems indigenous to iOS.