Feature request: iOS Paste icon

My most common user journey is:

  1. Tap and copy a link from somewhere
  2. Switch to Brave, and load the link

Here’s what step 2 is like today:

2.1 Tap the already filled Brave address bar. (Address bar expands, with current address selected.)
2.1 Tap the teeny tiny x to empty the address bar. This is painful: miss it, and instead I get a cursor in the address text, and have to start all over again.
2.2 Tap in the teeny tiny address bar. Have to do it just right, with just the right timing, for iOS to then pop up a “Paste” option.
2,3 Wait for the “Paste” option. (If nothing happens, sigh and tap again.)
2.4 Tap the teeny tiny “paste” option at the very top of the screen.
2.5 At the very bottom of the screen, as far away from where I just tapped as possible, tap the blue “Go” keyboard option.

This is just bonkers: I guess it could be harder to load a page in iOS Brave than this, but I’m not sure how TBH! :smile:

Here’s what should happen instead:

  1. Copy a URL while in some other App.
  2. Switch to iOS Brave.
  3. Tap a “Paste” icon in the address bar. Done.

There’s plenty of room in the address bar to add a “Paste” icon, which could be the familiar double doc or double clipboard icon. Currently, there are only four icons, and the address is already illegible short because of them: one more icon isn’t going to change that.

The “Paste” icon should appear if I have any text in my clipboard, not just a URL: maybe I want to do a search in Brave using that text.

Hope this is helpful, and thanks for all you do, |r:b:

PS I just now discovered the long press that brings up the “Paste and Go” menu. That’s nice. But it’s not nice that it took me this long to discover it: IMHO it’s just not that guessable. That’s not a familiar iOS gesture. A better implementation would be a paste button, which pops up a Tip about the long press the first time I tap it. There’s plenty of room for that paste button! Regards, |r:b:

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