Really hard to copy URLs

Sometimes your browser blocks websites which is frustrating enough. But then simply copying the url to paste in another browser is super frustrating because it won’t select all or let you scroll to the head or end. This translates to filling in forms in your browser as well. Super tedious and hard to control. Often I can’t see what I need to see. Please fix thanks.

I’m using Brave on my iPhone SC. I realize Some of these issues could be Apple side.

Hi @Yeah_corey,
Does cmd+A / ctrl+A not work to select the entire contents on the address bar?
Also if you cmd+L / ctrl+L, if should move focus to the address bar and select the entire URL.

Thanks for responding. I meant to say that I’m talking about using Brave on my iPhone SC

Apologies for the late reply. Yeah that may be an Apple issue. However, when trying to copy the entire URL - try tapping it 4 times, it’s a quick way to select all rather than trying to tap it just right to get the select all option to display.

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