Brave Android / Mobile Copy URL

Please add a Copy URL function to Brave Android.

Brave has come a long way. It’s a great browser and I use it exclusively. Having a copy url function in android would make it easier to share articles.

As of now, to copy a url, I have to click in the url box, which deselects the text. Then I have to select all text, and the copy. That’s a tedious process, but I still do it because I want to use Brave. Having a copy url button somewhere would make it better.

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Hi @Joshua_D ,

You can long press the URL bar. It’ll select the URL and show the copy option.

Or use Menu > Share…
After choose copy URL to clipboard, the share menu will remember it.

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Thanks. The long press does work, but I don’t have “Copy URL to Clipboard” option in the sshare menu.

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@Joshua_D on my device, Share... menu open this share menu

And after choose “Copy to clipboard”, the menu remember it and the next time, I just need to click the button (orange box).

I don’t have the Copy URL option. See below. This may be a system setting. I believe it may have been there before, but it’s gone now.

Not all devices have this functionality, so you need to install an app.

May I suggest “Share To Clipboard” in F-Droid? It’s an app that let you share stuff (via the regular share menu) to clipboard. I prefer F-Droid because it’s only open-source apps. In Play store you need to sift through lots of shady stuff.

Or if you don’t use F-Droid (which I recommend btw.) you can find it in Play Store (I use the one by developer “Tengu” and it has worked flawlessly).

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