About opening new tabs from bookmarks

I wasn’t sure to post this in feedback or feature request but I choose here as it’s not exactly a new feature I want to talk about. I would like to request a small change. When viewing bookmarks, I sometimes just want to quickly open a number of them in new tabs by middle clicking them. Currently that works fine with web links - it opens them in a new tab without switching to it which is exactly what I like. When it do it with a bookmark (that is in a folder), it does open it in a new tab, however it closes my bookmark folder. Would it be possible to keep my bookmark folder menu open so I can keep quickly opening a handful of tabs without having to keep going through my folder?

I assume you mean a folder drop-down like the one in your bookmarks toolbar, right? If so, I do see the behavior you’re describing. While I can’t promise this will be adjusted anytime soon, one workaround is to (cmd + click for macOS) ctrl + click on a link in the folder – this will open the selected bookmark in a new tab without closing the menu: