Clicking a bookmark replaces current tab

I am a Brave newbie and so far like it very much.
One thing I miss and can’t find any option for it is if I left-click a bookmark it replaces the current tab.
I can middle-click it to achieve this but I am used to it loading the website in a new tab.
Is this possible in Brave?

Brave version 1.50.114
Windows 10 Home


@Verba let me inform you that I’m only able to open it in a new tab only when clicking on the mouse wheel. Could you please try on a different chromium based browser to see if that works?

Be waiting for your response.

@Kevin_cc, yes my middle-click was meant to mean clicking the mouse wheel.
I could have worded it better.
This works on all my browsers, Brave, Opera, Chrome, Edge, Vivaldi, Cent (and Firefox).
But using Vivaldi and Cent I can just left-click a bookmark and the page is displayed on a new tab, which I prefer.


  • Ctrl and left click will open in a new tab (in the background)
  • Ctrl + Shift and left click will open in new tab (and switch to that tab)
  • Shift and left click will open in a new window

Middle click on bookmark opens in new tab (in the background)


Thanks @Saoiray , so the Ctrl + Shift + left-click is what I would like just left-click to do.
If there is no chance just left-click being added to Brave then I’ll just have to use middle-click (fewer clicks) when I’m not using Vivaldi or Cent.

Hey @Verba , glad that you got your info and marking them as resolved, it helps others better when searching to create new topics, instead looking between open topics to find relevant and good info.
Cheers :heart_hands:

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