Opened link from an external app closes Brave after short time of load

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**Description of the issue: Sometimes when I open an link in an extern app (no matter which) brave load it and then brave close it self. After that I need to open the link again and than it works.
Now I cann see, that there is a new tab for the first time I tryed to open the link, but this tab is at the end of all tabs.
It happen also on the stable and beta version.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Open a link in an extern app
  2. Wait a short time and then it happen.

**Expected result: Brave close itself

**Brave Version( check About Brave): Brave - Nightly 1.16.31

Mobile Device details
Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro
Android 10

Additional Information:

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Can this issue be reproduced in the stable version of the browser application?

Yes it can. In the stable version there is the same problem.

Thank you – trying to see if I can reproduce this myself. Will return when I know more.

Cant repro on release/beta/nightly. Does this happen for all links or specific sites? Also do you have open custom tabs disabled? If its disabled try enabling it and see if it fixes the issue. Option should be under controls in settnigs

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For all links. But when I try a link for the second time it will always work.
Yes I have this setting enabled.
Here is ja screen record:

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I have this issue, too. I use a Pixel 3XL running Android 11.

I thought it was a Chrome related issue in which Chrome was trying to be the default browser. I have uninstalled and deactivated Chrome (repeatedly as it re-enables itself) but the crashing still happens.

I saw online about Google AMP sites were causing it, so I tried setting Bing as my default browser but this still didn’t fix the crashing.

I’m glad I’m not alone with this crashing issue. It’s infuriating.

Can you guys check if custom tabs option is enabled or disabled in settings?

This problem is the same, with custom tabs enabled or disabled.

I’ve turned custom tabs off. Will let you know.

I am seeing this same issue even with custom tabs off.

Brave 1.15.76 Chromium: 86.0.4240.111 (Official Build) (32-bit)

Android 10
Moto G7 Power

It’s happening less with custom tabs off but still happens. In the last half hour or so I could only get it to happen when opening links from email (in the Edison mail app). Doesn’t mean it won’t happen elsewhere. I’ll keep you posted on this issue as I continue to use it over the next few days.

Apps where links open Brave crash the app even with custom tabs off (Random and inconsistent).
Edison Mail
Feedly Classic
Google News (View original web page)
Google feed

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