Brave constantly crashes when opening links from other apps

Description of the issue:
Open a link in an external app (no matter the app, Google News, Google Feed, Feedly, email etc) Brave loads the page and then closes or crashes it’s self. Can then reopen Brave and it will have the page open that crashed the browser.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Open a link in an extern app
  2. Wait a short time and then it happen.
  3. Doesn’t happen every time appears to be random

Expected result: Don’t expect Brave to crash when opening web pages

**Brave Version( check About Brave): 1.15.76 and 1.16.68

Mobile Device details
Moto G7 Power Android 10

Additional Information:
Restoring developer options and turning off developer options appears to limit the number of times this bug happens but doesn’t fully eliminate it. Was only being used to activate ADB shell to run a command for specific app other than Brave. - Android brave keeps stopping

Clearing cache, clearing browser data ( not recommended the user would lose BAT Data), and reinstalling Brave does not resolve the issue.

No Chrome Flags being used.

Open tabs in custom tabs is off - Opened link from an external app closes Brave after short time of load

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I’m having the same issue on my galaxy s20 ultra.

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