Brave Browser & Brave beta Browser crashing after 1 hour

**Whenever I open the app from any external link it crashes my whole screen goes black. I am not able to go back. I am not pretty sure what happens since my back button also not works. I have to open the settings app from notification panel and then to manage apps to force stop brave browser.

Even I let brave in background it crashes I don’t know why:**

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. I think it’s a software issue because previous year I was not facing such issues.

Expected result:

Whenever I open the app from external app it should open properly[Even delay is acceptable but not black screen]

Brave Version( check 1.20.103):

Mobile Device details

Device: Poco C3

Operating Device: Android 10QP1A.190711.020

and MIUI 12

Never Got this with other browsers. Even with Microsoft Browser which takes approx 300 Mb ram.

Additional Information:

Since I have MIUI. I have security app install.
I frequently Boost & Clean My phone for better performance.

I have approx 40GB+ free space in my internal srorage. And I have 2.3 GB free ram out of 4 GB ram. [Even the brave only app is open]

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