Brave browser closes by itself

Hello, I would like to report a problem with the Brave browser which strangely since this morning closes by itself every time I go on the internet.

I open a page and a few seconds later it closes automatically.

it’s normal? thank you.

Does it occur in private window mode, is it a specific website causing it? @cogetacats

No, only in public mode and on any site.
Before, I didn’t have this problem, it’s only just recently that it’s been happening strangely.

Try testing with no extensions

I will try like that by disabling all the extensions.

I’m also getting forced closes on the latest version of Brave on Android after updating Brave yesterday.

I get this happening if I try to reply to this post (and other ones, but not on all posts) in thread ‘Coming from an OP3T need help regarding the new partitions’

I’m running Android 11 (OOS on OnePlus 8T.
Brave 1.27.109

I tried to upload a logcat, but I’m not allowed.

Update: I don’t have the problem using Brave 1.27.109 on Windows 10.

In a new Brave profile, test with Brave Beta from the playstore. Does that force close? @BillGoss

Nope, Beta doesn’t FC.

I also wiped storage from stable Brave, but it still FCs.

So, beta is fine but not stable

For now everything seems to be working on my end. on the other hand I did not know that Brave had made an update yesterday? maybe the problem was that?

I’ll see over time if the problem comes back, but let’s keep our fingers crossed that not lol

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Updated to Brave 1.27.111 on Android just now. I’m still getting forced closes when I tap on Search this thread (see screenshot) on this XDA forum thread as well as others.

However, if I try repeatedly (3 or 4 times), I’ll eventually be able to fill in the search box.

So, an improvement over .109 but still not good.

Still getting forced closes trying to reply to posts (see my previous posts) using Brave for Android 1.28.105. This happens even after clearing the app’s storage in Settings.

Which device are you using/android version? and does it occur in Brave beta?

OnePlus 8T, Android 11.
Brave Beta 1.29.61 doesn’t have the problem.

I’m currently still using Brave 1.26.77 as that’s the last version without this problem.

There’s a workaround for this bug which I encounter when replying to posts in XDA (see my previous posts) and that’s to enable desktop mode and then reply to a post.

So, I’m now using Brave for Android 1.28.106 and switching to desktop mode if replying to a post FCs.

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