Open windows not displaying in the Window dropdown menu (following post-crash Restore)

After choosing the option to ‘Restore’ the prior session following a Brave Dev crash, out of 26 windows that were formerly open only 13 displayed in the Window dropdown menu.

Old problem, reported previously.

That’s whole lot of Windows!
So you had 26 total windows open and restoring the session opened 13 of those windows, correct?

If you go to Menu --> History, do you see the remaining windows displayed here? They would appear as a “group of tabs”:

Thanks. The ‘History’ dropdown displays Recently Closed & Recently Visited tabs but they don’t seem to be ‘grouped’ according to windows.

And the ones I see are all in windows that were visible (not ‘missing’).

I can see the missing windows in Tabli (tab manager extension) & re-open them from there…

… but I’d sure like to know why this happens after every crash.

@mk7z – Tabli may actually be the cause of it, tbh. What/how many extensions do you have running?

Thanks. I’d thought of that but it seemed to me that if the issue was caused by Tabli it would have been reported to the developer by many others and since been rectified.

I have three other extensions active besides Tabli and The Great Suspender. I’m pretty sure the issue dates back to before I started using TGS, so I don’t think it’s that either.

If you disable all your extensions, do you still get the same behavior? Also, can I ask why you were using 26 windows (no judgement, just curious!)?

Problem here is twofold:

If I disable all my extensions – and in particular the two that are related to browser tab management – I won’t be able to use the browser. I’ll constantly be on the hunt for the tab I want to get to and wondering where it went. I know I have too many windows & tabs open but all experiments with a cure to date have failed.

The issue of 26 windows is contained within the above. If you’re like me, either you’re sandboxing according to subject matter (= window), or you’re without organization and constantly hunting-&-pecking for the tab you want now.

Of course that’s only a problem when, again like me, you’re working on a lot of different things at the same time. But that, too, so far has lacked a cure.

:point_up: Right – but I’m not asking you to disable them forever. It would be just to test and see if one of the extensions is in fact causing the issue.

But it wouldn’t be knowable until a crash occurred.

That could be a week, or weeks, away.

Does Brave have a feature that enables the user to intentionally trigger a crash? :sunglasses:

Experienced this again following a shutdown/restart.

Of 28 open windows with 138 tabs, only 4 windows displayed in the Window dropdown menu following the restart.

All windows & tabs were visible in TABLI’s (tab mgr extension) pop-up.

You said you thought TABLI might be causing his.

I’ll try emailing the developer (he’s not too reliable about answering questions). Is there anything specific you think TABLI might be doing that would interfere with the display of windows in the Window dropdown?


@Mattches Well, unfortunately I haven’t had a reply from Antony Courtney, the developer of TABLI, about your idea. Do any BRAVE teamers know him, thereby perhaps having a more direct route to him?

As stated above, I don’t know of a way to test your idea (temporarily disabling TABLI) without waiting an indeterminate amount of time for a crash to occur, since that’s the apparent prerequisite for the issue to present.

I would think that if TABLI was responsible for the Window dropdown display problem Courtney would have had reports from other users and would have taken steps to correct it. But it’s also true that I don’t know how many BRAVE users also use TABLI.

If you simply can’t live without Tabli, then I’m not sure what to tell you at this point. The easiest way to test this is to browse without using it and see if the issue resurfaces. If it does, the issue is with Brave and we’ll have to do more digging. If not, then Tabli is the cause and I can ping the devs for more information.

It’s not that I can’t live with Tabli, but I do need a tab manager. I’d be on a continuous hunt for things without one.

I guess I can try another tab manager and see what happens.

I asked this facetiously in my last post, but now I’ll ask it seriously:

Is there a way to trigger (or at least encourage) a crash? :sunglasses:

Not for the entire browser I don’t think. You can crash an individual tab/page by typing brave://crash into the address bar.

Thanks. I got a reply from the Tabli developer but he said only that Tabli’s designed to work with one particular browser (need I name it?), that being the only one that’s supported.

I’ll look at other tab managers to try. The great benefit to me of Tabli is that I can start typing into the search box in its pop-up, and it will immediately find a match (i.e., locate one or more tabs) based on tab ‘title’ or URL.

If anyone knows of any other tab managers that do that, please speak up.

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