Only Uphold for funds?

Hi there, I’m in Australia and Uphold doesn’t provide any links to withdraw to an Australian bank or debit/credit card. This puts another blockage in the whole system. Is it possible to use another crypto handler that makes things a little easier to get our funds. Or are there any Aussies out there who have managed to navigate the system?

You can transffer you BATs on uphold to any other exchange that supports Australian bank accounts and make those movements.

Im from mexico and uphold doesn’t support my country for those type of things. So i do what i already described when i need it.

Can you elaborate a bit about exchanges. I’m new to crypto and not realy sure what I’m doing, so many new phrases etc.

Exchanges means , a platform where you can sell crypto’s and get money in your ,i.e,Australian dollar .

Like @srevarun points out, exhanges are sites where you can sell and buy crypto, just like any other normal exchange.

Some exchanges like uphold also gives you the hability to store crypto currency in their plataforms like a normal bank account, or in this case a crypto wallet.

In my case i use bitso (for mexico). So when i need to found my bank account with my tokens i send my BAT from uphold to bitso, then i sell them to get mexican peso and then i transfer that money to my account.

In these case you need to find an exchange that support australian bank accounts. Check carefully the fees and minium amounts for deposits and transfers on every plataform.

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Thanks my friend, it’s all becoming clearer, slowly.