Are there alternative withdraw methods?

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Does Brave only works with Uphold? There is no other way to convert BAT to currency? I’m asking this because I’m from Brazil, and Uphold won’t let me make a transaction to a Brazilian bank account. I tried to transfer via cryptocurrency, but I don’t know which type of account Uphold accepts and I always get “invalid address”; their support team also did not help me either, making this really difficult for me. Electrum and BitCoin Core did not work.

@moonbad currently, Uphold is the only option. The team is exploring another method for publishers payout.

Uphold support Ethereum and Bitcoin. You can use additional 3rd party exchange that support withdrawal to your local bank.

From Uphold > exchange to ETH/BTC > send to 3rd party exchange > withdrawal to local bank.

It may have an extra cost. But at least that’s what I tried.

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