Only homepage ads

I don’t get ads notifications … the only way I get ads is through the homepage ads and all of them are from the same advertiser.

I’ve tried all the fixes
I live in Egypt ( 5 active campaigns )


Hello @ElBendary

do you have gaming mouse or windows 10 with focus assist enabled

also check this one to make sure you configured your device as it should be

also try to surf different site category some ads will not show up till you surf certain category like technology / security or other stuff

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:


Thanks for the help.
I’ve read that article and I think everything is all right with my device but still don’t see any ads … I think also that article is old ( 2 years ago ) and now my country is one of the supported ones with 5 active campaigns.

you welcome :slight_smile:

did you checked the focus assist setting on your windows
and what about you mouse is it gaming one?

if it did not help let me know to ask someone from the team to help you and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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No, I don’t have a gaming mouse and the focus assist mode is off

Check this site

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let me ask @tmancey to help you
and have a nice day both of you :slight_smile:

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that very interesting link thanks for sharing that

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@ElBendary At this time there are only campaigns for sponsored images at this time in Egypt.

Ad campaigns vary by country, and by operating system. In some countries, there may be fewer ads observed throughout the month based on campaign size, delivery pacing, operating systems, content categories and that advertisers have selected to run their ads to.

As we continue to generate additional demand for countries where Brave Ads are available, the consistency should improve over time.


Thanks for sharing this link … it’s really helpful :grinning:

I really appreciate your efforts and I hope the services improve in Egypt soon :smiley: