***Fraud ALERT***

I came to brave for the claims of better security than the other browsers out there. I have had two issues this week.

  1. I was victim to a hack via this browser as to where I had install Malwarebytes to stop all the pop-up screens.

  2. my bank of america account was hacked, and I was robbed of $540
    04/06/2020 Completed Outgoing Transfer Luis Rodriguez - email

While researching what’s going on, I find the source into my account came from this browser. Major cause for concern, especially with all that’s going on in the world right now. I don’t know what your policies and procedures are, but I HIGHLY recommend updating your security systems or whatever. I’m disappointed

This is very sad. I hope you have taken all the necessary actions for these.

You have written " I find the source into my account came from this browser" in the last paragraph of your question description. Please be more clear and give more details. So that the problem can be solved and prevent such thing from happening.

But observing the first points you have written, I guess this happened not because of the Brave browser but because of you.

  1. If you were getting a lots of pop-up screen then you must have visited some fishy or doubtful site. Or you might have downloaded some malicious software. Brave has nothing to do about this. This is technically Google Chrome but much much better. So this incident may have happened to you also if you were using some other browser.

Correct me if I am wrong. Please

  1. Be more descriptive about the second point please.

Thank You

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