Cannot login to internet banking and bitchute

I have been trying to log into my bitchute account and also my bank internet banking via brave browser. This does not work on Brave but I can log into bitchute and my banking via Firefox? Any ideas?

I just signed up and tested the login into Bitchute, no issues here. Is it still an issue with the latest Brave build 1.30.86? @meginwolf

hello fanboynz, I tried that and updated to the latest version of Brave. Still does not work.

What error are you getting on bitchute? Using email address as a username?

hello fanboynz, thanks for coming back to my issue with brave. I just spent some time and then rembered that I recently added some extensions for Zoom video download. I removed/deleted all those extensions and everything is back to as it should be. Kind Regards, meginwolf

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