Online bank opens on Test Profile but not Primary Profile

Description of the issue:
Logging onto to access online banking
*** This began around 3/12/2023. Before this, site worked properly ***

Exact URL of the website in question: OR

**Did the issue present with [default Shields settings]
Shields are turned off to access the banking site.

Is there a specific Shields configuration that causes the site to break? If so, tell us that configuration. (yes/no):
No. Turned off.

Does the site work as expected when using Chrome?
Yes. Sometimes works on Firefox, I also created a new profile (“Test Profile”) and it opens properly with that new profile. I then installed all the same extensions as my Main Profile. I also closed all tabs in Main Profile; cleared all history and cookies., when logging in, opens on my Test Profile but not my Main Profile. I’m new to profiles, so I was surprised when I could open the site without a problem. But I don’t understand why not in my Main Profile? Do I always have to switch just for my bank? All other sites are behaving…

Brave version (check About Brave):
Version 1.49.120 Chromium: 111.0.5563.64 (Official Build) (64-bit)

@ldkuch Typically if it works on a new profile but not on normal, it suggests that one of your extensions is causing a problem. If you’re saying that you were able to install all of the same extensions and it’s still working, then it could just be one of the three things below:

  1. Bad cookies. So if you clear cookies/cache on your original profile, it might work. I know you said you cleared all, but for what timeframe? Also what other things did you try clearing? See -Note- on the bottom of this post.

  2. Some random setting in your profile. A lot of this is trial and error to discover what you might have done differently.

  3. It’s still one of your extensions but it just hasn’t shown up yet in the new profile for you. Such like maybe once you visit a website, use a certain feature, or whatever then the extension will duplicate the issue.


On clearing Cookies, let me explain why I asked what I did. Many will say they cleared it, but they are talking about clearing as you see below:

Settings - Privacy and security - Brave 3_17_2023 12_02_20

Notice what I circled and kind of have an arrow pointing to? The default is to clear just what you’ve had over the Last Hour. Or they’ll change it to be something like a week. Instead, often needs to be for All Time

What I tend to do and recommend to others is to go to the Advanced tab rather than Basic and then to make sure it’s set to All Time. One of the big differences is it will let you know how many things are being removed. So if I went to do that now, it’ll be like you see below (blue is just me blotting out website names):

Captures 3_17_2023 12_05_25

Good idea. I thought I had deleted them all, but followed your suggestion.

The bank site still does not work. Another curiosity is that I usually have as my opening page. Historically, I stay signed in. As of today, after clearing the cache, I have to log in each time. BUT…in the Test Profile, I stay logged in.

Can I just delete my primary profile and make the test profile my main one?

Of course, if you’d like. Just click on the little circle you normally click on to switch profiles, then click on the gear thing that is Manage Profiles

Photos 3_17_2023 12_25_26

From there, you’ll hit the hamburger menu on the profile you want to delete, and then hit Delete.

At that point, it will give you a cautionary window letting you know what you’re about to delete. It will show all the passwords and other data included within that profile.

Photos 3_17_2023 12_26_36

If you’re comfortable that all of that has been moved over to your new Profile, then go ahead and continue. From that point on, the profile should be gone. If you only had the 2, then you’ll be back to only having one profile.

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And yeah, that’s weird unless you have something stopping you from keeping cookies. Or if you ended up doing the On Exit portion instead of Advanced.

Guess this will be something to keep an eye out on in the future. There have been people who had issues with this due to Internet Security extensions and all. Also if you have stricter Shields settings, it can result in issues. Some banks like to make sure they are kind of fully getting your fingerprint and IP address for security purposes. So if you had anything blocking that, they can refuse access as you mentioned.

The reason I’m explaining this to you is we’re hoping that maybe your situation is just some setting and the easy way out for you is to just switch profiles. But I’m just wanting you to keep in mind that if it is something from extension or whatever, it might appear again in the future. If so, you might just need to try disabling/removing extensions from the profile and see if things work then.

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Thanks. Being new to profiles, I was a bit over-cautious. I’d still like to understand the cause, but at least I have something that will work moving forward.

In checking my browser clearing settings, I did have cookies to clear on exit. That is corrected; and gmail stays signed in. Many thanks. The online bank is still not working, but I’ll try transferring my bookmarks to my test profile and just use that.

Brave doesn’t support any online banking from any country….I have been using the browser for almost two years and I have never ever been able to access any online banking from any country….Don’t waste your time…

My final solution: I first went to opendns and cleared all my filters. I could access my bank in other browsers but not Brave. So I disabled all extensions and totally cleared the entire cache, even “site and shield settings.”

At last, I can access my bank. Now, however, it insists on verification each time, even though it offers to remember my computer.

As they first started to say long ago, “To err is human. To really fowl things up takes a computer…”

Many thanks for all your (pl) help.

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