search engine not automatically picked up

It use to work, but not it’s not. When I type into the search bar, it doesn’t give me the option to press Tab to search that website. I need help troubleshooting this. What should I do?

Take a look at brave://settings/searchEngines. Do you have an ‘Inactive shortcuts’ section there? If it’s there, you can just ‘Activate’ it.

This is a result of some changes a few months back (some from Chromium, some from Brave as I recall) where sites automatically adding ‘site search’ engines could be both a ‘clutter’ issue, as well as a privacy issue. So, you can turn the feature off altogether (privacy mitigation) and/or have them sent into Inactive (clutter mitigation).

That worked; Thanks!

Why would it have go inactive I wonder?

Well, I think there was some kind of ‘cleanup’ that was done when those changes were made. Not sure what logic of sorts was used to determine which could stay active, and which would be sent into the Inactive bucket, but if you’re really interested you could probably dig it out of the Brave and/or Chromium issue trackers.

For me, I knew the changes were coming; they were good changes; I don’t use most of them anyway (lots of garbage was piling up there); and so I wasn’t bothered with knowing the ins and outs of how those choices were made.

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