Streamline custom / other search engines

Recently migrated from Chrome, and only have one annoyance: the custom search engine functionality is just not as good.

On Chrome, if you start typing a URL and it autocompletes to searchable website, pressing tab at any time initiates search (e.g. d → populates to → can immediately press tab to start searching Drive)

Compared to Brave, where you must manually add each searchable website, AND it only works if you type the exact keyword you entered (e.g. if your keyword was dr for drive, if you type drive then press tab, it doesn’t work)

So, there are two problems here:

  1. That you have to add searchable websites at all - would be much better to auto-detect them
  2. Search engines you do add are overly sensitive and only work with the exact keyword

Solving #1 would eliminate #2 as a problem, so I’d suggest focusing on auto-detecting searchable websites, and only requiring the user to go into settings if they want to adjust what’s been auto-detected or add custom keywords that are different than the URL.

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