Can you no longer press Tab to search inside websites?

Setting up my new M1 and Brave is one of the first things I downloaded. Managed to get my wallet synced and everything with not toooo much trouble.

But now when I type into the URL/Search field something like “YouTube” I would traditionally type “yout” then tab after the autocomplete and search within YouTube (or Amazon, etc, etc) without going to the home page and typing stuff in. It is a tremendously useful feature! Probably Top 5, maybe even Top 3 for me. I hate life without it!

I know that in the past that it’s had to learn sites, so I’ve been loading up YouTube, Amazon, etc. just to search in them a bunch and so far… nothing. Is this feature gone???

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This feature is still available. I believe that you need to have searched the site in question (in this case Youtube) at least once so that it’s added to your list of available search engines (via opensearch). From there, you should be able to perform the exact same actions you’re expecting to search Youtube (or any site with a search) from the address bar directly.

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Do you need to (re-)enable ‘Index other search engines?’ brave://settings/?search=index

More info:

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Ah! That did it! Thank you so much! Can’t imagine why that would be off by default - it’s so helpful!