Domain search won't work after clean install

I did a clean update of Brave v1.31.87 on Windows 10, but since that I can’t get the address bar to use the domain search engines like Youtube or Wikipedia. Now I have to either directly go the respective website, or go through the now default Brave Search.

Disabled by default in 1.30.86.

“Index other search engines” in settings can toggle it.

They disabled it because one single person complained about it?!

There are plenty who have complained about it, including against Chromium, which is where this came from. The GitHub issue is just a tracker to get it thru the development process.

There are also privacy issues where zero people have “complained” yet they are disabled in Brave, vs. Chromium. Point is, it was a privacy issue to have it enabled by default, which is contrary to the point of the Brave browser.

They need to stop disabling useful features like this.
And they implemented it right before making Brave Search the default engine without asking users first so people used to the feature but making new installs will all get redirected to Brave Search. Another disappointment to see Brave make Google-level shady moves.

Those are two completely unrelated issues.

Like I said, there were privacy concerns over the issue; it’s still present, disabled by default, but you can easily turn it back on. It was discussed and handled in a GitHub issue and mentioned in the release notes. And there are even complainers in the Chromium tracker, since at least 2017 whereas Brave already addressed it.

Not sure what more you can expect really. Just turn it back on if you don’t like it…

I turned it back on, but for some reason they made it so it won’t stay on. Well I guess I’ll go back to Firefox or Chrome. Between Brave cutting down BAT earnings by like 75%, the exchange dead-end and the team unwilling to address their highly problematic (to not say shitty) CEO, I’ve had huge doubts about this project lately.

Not sure what to tell you, it works fine (stays on, or stays off, however I set it) for me in 2 different profiles.

Not an expert in the Rewards program but I haven’t heard that before.

So if your politics are drawing you towards something else, that’s OK – let us know if you decide to stick with the browser and we’ll see if we can help with these issues.

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