One week with brave reward and no ad notifications

Hello, I have a problems with the reward. I have not received notification for reward. I have brave reward actived for one week and 0 ad notification. I am in France so my country is avaible for reward. But i receive not ads notification. I have windows 10. I have check this : FAQ: Why am I not seeing Brave Ads?
And all is ok for me but no receive reward.
Please help me.

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@gsarvadnya would be of great help

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@Djux Can you please check ads calalog, enter the catalog URL in the url bar

If catalog gets downloaded then ads should be served to user. If catalog is empty then Ads will not be shown to user. Ideally for supported regions Catalog should get download.


Thank for your answer

I check is the ad catalog is filled.
I have make a screenshoot.
What should I do now?

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I have the last update

Did you also check the Windows 10 troubleshooting guide?

@Mattches Thank for your answer but I checked the Windows 10 Troubleshooting Guide and I have the same thing. I do not know what to do everything is ok but I do not receive ads notification. I have try to reinstall but not work. Do you have other answer ?

Hello, I check all and not working

Someone has the same problem as me? An idea ? UP

I have not ad notification. I’m desperate

@Djux Thanks for the screenshot. The catalog got downloaded that’s why you are able to see ads categories in your region. This means IP+Locale criteria is matching. You should be able to see ads. Can you please visit the sites which fall under the categories available in catalog for e.g. and check whether you are able to see ads or not.

Ads will be triggered based on the Ads categories available in the Catalog file. For example, If catalog contains 4 categories for your region ( Personal Finance , Technology & Computing , Business and Education ). If you browse any website, if it falls under any of these categories then ads will be triggered.


Hello, thanks for your answer. I will try and if not work well I say to you. Thanks

@gsarvadnya Hey, I tried your solution but it does not work, I do not know what to do.

Hi @Djux, sorry for the inconvenience here. One thing worth trying is downloading a different version of Brave (say, and creating a new wallet. Try browsing around in that a little while and see if it gives you any ads. If so, we may be able to reset some things to get it to work going forward.

Ok I try thanks for your answer. I reply you in few days.

@ secretan Hey, THAT WORKS YESSS. I do not know if it’s the brave beta or the windows update that I just did but in any case I have the notification ads. THANK YOU EVERYONE.


I checked the catalog and it gets downloaded i see few of ads but i haven’t been able to see any for 2 days

What if there are no catalogs ?

I wonder the same. The catalog is empty for me and I haven’t received any ads since early February…

Same boat here. All I can do is hope liking these posts amplify the problem of stuck tokens with no transfer to uphold and no ads.

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