Not getting ads notifications

Hello Brave. I have never received any ad notifications after I have enabled Brave Rewards. I did everything including creating Brave Publisher account but as I said, never get any ad offering. What might be the problem here? I am using Windows 10.

For receiving ads you don’t need to a Brave Publisher account, enabling Brave rewards is enough. But currently you need to live in specific countries, in which country do you live?
Ads will be supported in more countries soon.

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@junkkysixx see FAQ: Why am I not seeing Brave Ads?

I am in Norway now. So what countries are available and when are the others be too?

@junkkysixx copied from article I linked above

Check and confirm that Brave Ads is currently available in your region. Currently supported countries and regions include:

  • :us: United States (US)
  • :uk: United Kingdom (UK)
  • :canada: Canada
  • :fr: France
  • :de: Germany.
  • :australia: Australia
  • :ireland: Ireland
  • :new_zealand: New Zealand

More regions support is coming. Also see Please explain why ads are not available everywhere


Cool, thank you all for the answers!

i haven’t receive ads notifications… how do to opt to this

@james2 see

Does Brave appear in the notification center of Windows 10 ?

If no then make it appear on making one throught :

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