Regarding reffral

i invited my friend to download brave.

and download is showing that it is installed and comfirmed in brave dashboard.

but i did got rewards to my brave wallet.

explain me this

You get bat rewards once your friend use brave browser for 30 days.

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@Arise is correct, you need to have them use Brave for 30 days and then you’ll get your referral reward. :slight_smile: Thanks for participating in the program!

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he is active for more than 30 days,

and publisher dashboard has comfirmed the installation.

my question is reffrals bats are not showing in pending payout even after download and installation are comfirmed

Hi there, it’s possible that your referral was counted during the freeze period – see this thread for details:

Any BAT credited to your balance during the freeze period will be paid out the following month.

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