Ideas on Brave and more datas about the 30 days

Hey I ref for a long time ago but it’s still kinda weird for me. I mean, I understood the whole thing around the countries but I don’t understand about the 30 days. Does that mean the guy I referred need to use brave during 30 days to earn the reward ?

I think that you’ll need to add a button to check our referrals, it could be nice to see how long remaining and maybe alert them that they didn’t use brave for a long time.

Once a user (who you referred) uses Brave for 30 days, you are rewarded. The user does not receive a reward in this process, only you (the creator, owner of the referral code) do. Users are able to earn during the 30 days via participation in Brave Ads, if they decide to opt-in.

I hope this helps!

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